Incubate: Lunatraktors present Falling in Love with the Moon


Ghosts made of lace. Laughing, crying, and overtone singing. Live-looping

and percussive dance. Crashing cymbals and mournful flutes. The moaning of a very, very worse-for-wear accordion. Just some things that turn up when two clowns fall in love with the Moon. 

Drawing on moonstruck mooncalves and lunatic Pierrots, Margate’s ‘broken folk’ duo Lunatraktors have been exploring improvised sound performance and clowning thanks to a commission from the Free Range Incubate series. Travel to the dark side of the moon and back again in this 45 minute sound performance.


Evan Parker & Henry Dagg


University of the Creative Arts


Screening of The Whalebone Box + Q&A with director Andrew Kötting

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Design by Ole Henriksen
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