FR#231 Skylla

28-04-2022 - Doors at 7:30 pm

Free entry - donations welcome

Fruitworks Coworking
1-2 Jewry Ln, Canterbury CT1 2NP

Skylla is the extraordinary new project from Ruth Goller. Best known for her work with jazz-rock bands like Acoustic Ladyland or Melt Yourself Down, Goller’s new music is more mysterious and subterranean. Using unusual tunings and harmonics on bass guitar, Goller unearths hidden, secret sounds that are literally given voice by singers Lauren Kinsella and Alice Grant.

It's kinda like a cross between Derek Bailey and Arthur Russell, and it's just really really beautiful (BBC 6 Music)

Very close, intimate sound.. so close and so tactile that you can feel the music stroking you on the shoulder (BBC Radio 3)

[Goller] unravels an intimacy so deep it feels almost blasphemous to be privy to its wonders. (ECM reviews)


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