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About us

Free Range is an award-winning arts charity that presents adventurous music, film and dance events with a policy of free-entry*.

We are Canterbury’s best-kept secret. Since we began in 2012 we’ve delivered 226 extraordinary events and worked with over 1000 artists.

The purpose of adventurous culture is to help us see and hear familiar things in a new light. Cultivating an openness and curiosity toward difference is important in the world right now.

Free Range has helped to create a strong regional community of artists, audience members and organisations that care about adventurous culture. We do this through presenting genuinely independent cultural events of the highest quality in an informal, playful and provocative way with a policy of free entry.

Free Range events are for everyone.


Our purpose as a charity is to present free-entry high-quality adventurous culture to the people of East Kent. Like the NHS we are free at point of delivery but we rely on the donations of people who value our work.

Supporting Free Range is easy to do: if you'd like to help us to continue presenting extraordinary events that are free and accessible to all, just click the donate button above. 

You can also make a one-off donation via our Facebook page - which will cost us nothing in fees. 

You can also support our work by telling people about we do and sharing our posts on social media.

* The sharp-eyed among you will notice that we also offer some ticketed events with partners.  These special events tend to reach beyond what we could normally achieve by ourselves and backed by donations.   


Hello & welcome to the Autumn 2023 season of Free Range!

In the meantime:

👉Our Range Free Free Range Variety Show and Open Mic will continue on the last Saturday of each month throughout the summer

👉Help us make the case for adventurous culture: Fill out our 2023 survey

👂Listen to archived shows on Soundcloud

FR#262 Free Women present ‘Lady, Garden’

Thu 16-11-23 7:00 pm 

Fruitworks Coworking
1-2 Jewry Ln, Canterbury CT1 2NP

Music, movement, satire, slapstick and film exploring the habitats of the Lady Gardener.

FR#263 Trio Pertubanda feat. Oren Marshall / Francesca Ter-Burg

Thu 23-11-23 7:00 pm 

Fruitworks Coworking
1-2 Jewry Ln, Canterbury CT1 2NP

Two Brazilian percussionists & virtuoso tuba player with Afro-Brazilian music, North African rhythms and jazz, support by Francesca Ter-Burg.
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