A photography of the CD recording of the Free Rand Orchestra/ Evan Parker recording Connections

Free Range Orchestra: Connections (with Evan Parker)

Connections was recorded in two sessions at the Colyer-Fergusson Hall at the Univeristy of Kent. The first was in May 2021 with pieces directed by David Leahy and Anna Braithwaite. The second, in July 2021, was given to a full house with special guest Evan Parker (saxes). These events were made possible by Project Grant funding from Arts Council England.


  1. Connections (6.12)
  2. Shape Shifting (13.20)
  3. Atmos (feat. Evan parker) 14.32
  4. Sea Smoke (7.11)
  5. Tides of Dialogue (20.52)


Recordists: Sean Williams & Dan Herbert
Production: Sean Williams & Paul Chenour
Editing, mixing, mastering: Sean Williams Studios
CD artwork & design: Russell Burden

Pressed: Discfactory

Format: CD 
£12 (Via Redgold music)
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